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UK Raw Milk Map

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This map provides a comprehensive list of registered raw milk farms in the UK, updated 01 July 2020.

Farmers markets Please check before attending to avoid disappointment and we recommend contacting the farm in advance for larger orders.

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Each month a list of new farms is added to the forum when the map is updated. You can subscribe to the thread and will receive an email when it is updated.

Unfortunately raw milk sales are banned in Scotland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, but you may be able to import raw milk to those places via mail order because the transaction may have been deemed to have occurred in England or Wales.

Other resources

The Weston A. Price Foundation has supported free access to certified whole, raw milk from grass fed cows since its beginnings and Dr Price extolled its benefits in his writings. This is due to the health giving properties of raw milk and the harm that is caused to these properties by processing. To find out more on this topic, visit our website: realmilk.com